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Observed: 1st April 2012 By: ajm
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Revised ID

Tim - many thanks for revised ID. Can I ask which features lead you to this? My copy of Rose's Wild Flower Key says simply there are 'hundreds of closely similar microspecies'. I have not been able to find any worthwhile info on T. sect Hamata online. NBN map has no records of this at all in my area, although I realise this is likely due to under-reporting rather than me stumbling across a rarity in the local park!
Any info appreciated.


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from the size and strongly

from the size and strongly recurved lobes, and its a common early-flowering species. Dudman & Richards BSBI Handbook best source. Try my iSpot key too but you need to know its section Hamata berfore you can use it...

Tim Rich

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Many thanks for reply and info, much appreciated