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Solitary Bees nest mounds, from sandy soils, garden 002

Observed: 31st March 2012 By: nick cooper
Solitary Bees nest mounds, from sandy soils, garden 002

Solitary bees were leaving little pile sof soil on a lawn, and when loose soil was blown away, these little 'collars ' were left around each hole, presumably the nest or pupating hole of a solitary bee. They seem to be glued together of dry soil crumbs, in sandy soil, on a south facing lawn, and maybe 50 or 70 such piles were evident.Lots of bees had been seen recently around this area and flowers nearby.

  • soloitary ground-nesting bees
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Address not exact, a house nearby- owner not likely to want visitors.

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Here's a gallery/search for

Here's a gallery/search for mining bees on iSpot. Take a look. There are loads of them!

I recently saw one called Andrena

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