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Goose Barnacles?

Observed: 18th August 2010 By: ruanaichruanaich’s reputation in Invertebratesruanaich’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bouy Barnacles (originally thought they were Goose Barnacles)

Not sure what these were at all. Strolling along shore I tapped them with my foot only to be surprised by them retracting/flecking, they were alive!
Can anyone confirm if they are indeed goose barnacles?

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Edit tab

They will be seen by more users if you click on the edit tab and select invertebrates in the group box and leave the rest and they will move there.


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Done as suggested.

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For another just like yours

For another just like this see

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Thanks for the tip

Wow, thanks never heard of these before. Thanks for the ID.

A keen amateur with a love of photography.
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