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Seal, Otter?

Observed: 15th August 2010 By: ruanaichruanaich’s reputation in Mammalsruanaich’s reputation in Mammals
Seal, Otter?

An old favourite I'm sure, and maybe I forced myself to believe, however on a cycle trip to the Outer Hebrides I had seen many a seal, harbour and grey. I wanted to see an otter maybe a bit too much. On spotting this guy at some distance I might ad I hopped off my bike and used full 300mm lens to zoom in. Both animals are skittish but seals tend to be a bit more blaze than this guy was. Even at a height from sea level looking down, he sensed I was there and disappeared in a flash, but not with a tail slap I see from seals. So whats the consensus, seal or otter? Scale was difficult as they were far out in the bay between Vatersay and Barra.

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