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Observed: 1st April 2012 By: KevbertKevbert’s reputation in PlantsKevbert’s reputation in PlantsKevbert’s reputation in PlantsKevbert’s reputation in Plants

Anyone know what this is ? Haven't seen any flowers. Leaves are up to 200mm long and 120mm wide. Roots are very deep. I have this growing all over my lawn and want to get rid of it.

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Remove the seeds and add them to a hedgerow. It is a native hedgerow plant and this will do no harm. They should move on if you improve the drainage.


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Thanks Refugee. The soil is a heavy clay and I've tried to improve the drainage with a garden fork. It's very common here in the Eastbourne area. Any suggestions are very welcome.

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The plant grows from rhizomes which can be up to 12 in deep,it is best if you try and remove them now they are creamy-white in colour and are elongated with a slight central swelling.I too as Refugee has suggested dig them up and replant at the base of hedgerows and also have heavy clay soil.I fork the lawn then brush in some sand into the holes created by the fork do this in spring and autumn for a couple of years,there are more expensive solutions but this would mean re-laying your lawn.


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Re rhizomes

Thanks Fenwickfield, I'll try the sand method.