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Nipplewort Rust

Observed: 19th March 2012 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Nipplewort Rust
Nipplewort with rust circled
topside of leaf
underside of leaf
underside of leaf
aecia x40
spores x1000
more spores x1000
†spores in groups

Raised red blisters up to about 8 mm across, raised about 1mm at centre, on undersides of Nipplewort leaves and smaller ones on a few stems. Also visible as flatter red patches on tops of leaves. The blisters are covered with tiny cup-like structures up to about 400 microns across, with flattish yellow floors and white raised circular walls. The whole structure of blister and cups has a granular structure under microscope, like different coloured sands. The spores found from chopping up some of the blister were subglobular. The majority were speckled and measured 18-23 x 16-20 microns, with a few bronze-looking 19-25 x 15-21 microns, globose - ovoid. I also found some spores shaped like flattened globes, which measured 19-29 x 17-25 microns, stuck together in small groups.


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Wonderful collection of

Wonderful collection of photos. Thanks!

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Thanks to the iSpotters who

Thanks to the iSpotters who helped ID the host plant shown originally as There is a lot of specialist language used to describe Rusts but I've tried to stick to terms that I understand. I think this Rust has 2 sorts of spores: uredospores and teliospores, and the spores I saw are uredospores, but I'm not sure especially about the spores stuck into groups. There are some good photos of this fungus on the internet which gave me confidence in the ID, eg