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Leopard print

Observed: 16th January 2010 By: pirayaguarapirayaguara’s reputation in Mammalspirayaguara’s reputation in Mammalspirayaguara’s reputation in Mammals
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Some dog

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April Fool!

Is this an April fool?!!!

David J Trevan

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Its as serious as my other

Its as serious as my other observations today

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.....and it is a real leopard

.....and it is a real leopard print

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Not a cat

The claws are clearly visible and the rear edge of the pad makes it clearly a Crocuta sp.

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Why do you think this is a leopard? An idea of the size would help.

There are a few reasons why I don't think this is a leopard:
1: the overall shape of the print is more elongated than the usual rounded cat shape
2: the toe prints are also not rounded as in leopard
3: the claws are very clear and deep, leopards like most cats keep their claws retracted when walking so they don't leave any marks.

The print does look very dog-like so would agree with Joachim that it is more likely a hyena.

The only caveat I would say is it is an old print in soft mud which has dried. This would distort the shape, however it does not explain the claw marks and I doubt it would distort the print that much.

An idea of size could solve this one.

Graham Banwell

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When you follow the link you can see a fantastic picture of Crocuta´s foot. Right above you can see the asymetric rear edge which is typical.