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Viola species

Observed: 1st April 2012 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in Plants
Violet 2
Viola 3
Viola 4
Viola 5

A large number of these were white or nearly so. They're on limestone here. I'm really not sure which species.
Added some additional photos of spurs and sepals, hope this helps.

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The white violet

is more than likely to be Sweet Violet. As for the other picture, you really need to check the sepals, are they pointed? and the spurs colour and shape, is it notched? curved or straight? If I was to put my neck on the block I would say they were Sweet Violets also.

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I agree that the white one is probably V. odorata with appressed stem hairs, but the other seems to have spreading hairs which would suggest V. hirta. Can't be certain, though!