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Toad or frog in a strange vertical position

Observed: 30th March 2012 By: Gosia Furlong
Vertical frog 1
Vertical frog 2

This frog looks very bloated and has been in this strange vertical position for the last few days. Is it because it is going to spawn soon?

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Hope you will get some help with this before too long

Does not sound too good.Fish can get egg bound.Hope this does not happen to amphibians tho I do not see why not .good luck.

Hazel Trevan

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It may have become exhausted and drowned during mating. It would float head up as the back legs are the heaviest part while it bloats and starts to rot.


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I agree that this is what may have happened

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Refugee is spot on with his diagnosis. I have seen this myself in the past.