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Lichens on headstone

Observed: 29th March 2012 By: djb355
Lichens on headstone

Lichens on a headstone in an old burial ground. This is a town with a road one side and a car park the other. I think there are at least two species here.


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    Likely ID
    Caloplaca sp
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Nice photo...

... but it's difficult to see detail, which is where an additional close-up shot would help. I think Simon is right with Caloplaca. If I was forced to guess the white species I'd consider Aspicilia calcarea, but that's all it is - a stab in the dark.


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Difficult to see enough detail to decide which species of Caloplaca. Looks like C. aurantia near the base, the more orange one may be C. flavescens, or simply more richly coloured C. aurantia - we need a clear view of the margins of the lichen colonies.

Impossible to say with the white one - but the abundance of Caloplaca suggests the gravestone is limestone, or at least a very lime-rich rock, which makes Aspicilia calcarea more than likely.

I am afraid I don't understand the Physcia adscendens suggestion - this is a bushy little foliose species, while what is shown in the photo is clearly a crust. Evidently some confusion reigns.