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Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage

Observed: 25th March 2012 By: mik coffinmik coffin’s reputation in Plantsmik coffin’s reputation in Plantsmik coffin’s reputation in Plants
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leaf detail

growing in deep mud on the bank of a stream in deciduous woodland

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You know what Graeme, Believe it or not, but lying in bed around 1am this morning, I suddenly realised I had made a mistake. I somehow got a mental picture of the plant and just knew the leaves were not alternate! Oh well, such is life.

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The joke is on the 2 people who agreed with you!


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Boggle Eyed Saxifrage

Yes Shame !!! I was photgraphing today Indicators in Semi Ancient Wood today not two foot away from Alternate but should have seen the difference straight away Best Wishes