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Orchid leaves

Observed: 29th March 2012 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in Plants
kineton 006 orchid on field compressed
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kineton 022 orchid by Christmas tree compressed

slightly bluish-green unspotted leaves. I think an orchid. Any ideas? Perhaps green-winged, but not at all sure. In an old ridge and furrow meadow with cowslips.

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I did wonder about bee orchid, as they are around here too - my idea of the leaves was that they are shorter and fatter than these - but I haven't seen many of them. I'll just have to wait and hope they flower!

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Likely bee orchid, very

Likely bee orchid, very noticeable at this time of year before grass growing too much

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exciting - haven't seen them in our village before (we've been here nearly 20 years).

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often see the leaves in road

often see the leaves in road verges etc but never get chance to flower as the grass is cut before flowering possible, on campus here the grounds person avoids cutting some areas to let them flower