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Observed: 27th March 2012 By: sw24643
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Lichen found in Buckinghamshire

Shrubby green/grey cup-like lichen, found on acid rock, surrounded by grey crustose lichen.


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Posting a record on ISpot

Just wondered if anyone else is having trouble with the drop down calendar? Finally discovered the only way it works is to put the year in first, followed by the month and then the day.

If nothing else today, I have learned how to upload a photo on to a web page!

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Probably C. pocillum

Difficult to make out critical detail, so I am not adding a formal ID, but the basal squamules don't match C. humilis and it would be an unlikely habitat.

Most likely it is C. pocillum. The basal squamules are forming rosettes - would need to be sure the margins were eroded and that there were large granules with 'skins' (corticate) inside the cups.


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Probably C.pocillum

Thanks for the advice Alan. And thanks for details of the website. Such amazing photos! I cannot believe I really havn't taken notice of these beautiful structures before I came on the course!