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Bird's egg

Observed: 27th March 2012 By: christine24
Bird's egg

When clearing out a nest box i found this egg as part of an abandoned nest. Four eggs in total. I wonder if they are wren or blue tit eggs. A five year old is holding the egg so it is quite small

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if you still have them can you measure one in mm please.I would also be a bit worried that this may not be an old nest as some birds have already started breeding,the best time to clean out boxes is winter not spring.


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Birds nest

No, i can assure you this was an old nest. The box was taken down in the winter and the nest found then. Sorry i cannot measure eggs - should have thought of that.

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When i lived in the south i used to enjoy watching Nuthatches throwing last years nest out. The most finny thing was when a Blue tit went in and the Nuthatch came back and went in too. The Blue tit came out very fast almost certainly with a peck on the rump!