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Iridescent Fly

Observed: 27th March 2012 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in Invertebrates

Quite numerous in mixed scrub of alder, beech, larch and ash. I don't know if identification will be possible from this shot.

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They are very shiny as far is i can remember. I have old photos from last year. Perhaps i had better have a dig for them...


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Found it!

It was older than last year but that did not stop me locating the observation i never put on.
I was testing the camera and just took a few wide angle images of the swarm and never did any close ups. I was just curious as to why they were all in one place.


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Thanks -

to both for the identifications. I'm no expert, and both seem reasonable. Hopefully there will be a few "votes" from others to help decide.

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Green bottle / greenbottle is the common name that covers quite a few different species in various genera and families that all look green and shiny. The best known are Lucilia spp. - family Calliphoridae. The ones posted here are definitely not Gymnochaeta/Gymocheta which are bristly parasite flies (Tachinidae) and have quite a distinctive appearance when you know them. I'm no great expert on flies but had some shots I took of flies that seem a perfect match for the ones posted here and was given the reasons for the ID coming out as family Muscidae (by the wing veins) and as species Eudasyphora cyanella on a specialist fly site:

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.