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Mystery white bird

Observed: 8th March 2012 By: FreyaGallichanFreyaGallichan’s reputation in Birds
Mystery White Bird
White bird on fence
White bird in tree
on fence near feeder.

Very frequent visitor for the past month to our garden and to the seed feeders.

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Mystery white bird.

Would like to know if this small bird is an albino chaffinch.
At first I thought it might be an escaped pet bird, then possibly a snow bunting, but it is early to change to white plumage - though they have been seen here in Devon.
Now think that is could be a white version of a chaffinch as it flies like a finch, is the same size and does hang out with chaffinches near the seed feeders.


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I'd suggest this isn't an albino as it doesn't have red eyes and retains it's wing pigments.

Absolutely gorgeous little bird though!

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I would say this is a leucistic chaffinch as opposed to albino, but im no expert...

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Thanks for comments, - looked up 'leucistic' - that seems to fit,
In the larger photo the bird appears to have a red eye but have not been able to confirm this with binoculars...

It is a lovely little bird, - great to watch, comes to feed all through the day on our seed feeders.