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Blue Tit

Observed: 28th March 2012 By: DavidConwayDavidConway’s reputation in BirdsDavidConway’s reputation in Birds
blue tit
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Scientific name

Hi David, iSpot is not recognising your scientific name, I think if you use the get recommended tab when adding a Blue Tit ID it will link with other sightings on this site.

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Many thanks.

When did it cease to be in the Genus Parus; is it recent thing or an I well out of date?

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Just checked through my guides. The name change was between 2006 (RSPB Handbook ...) and 2009 (Collins ... 2nd Edition). Confuses me lots; I gather there is much turmoil in the world of taxonomy at the moment, largely due to DNA sequencing which is showing us what actually is related to what or not.