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Small crab in Bali, Indonesia

Observed: 20th February 2012 By: timcdlucastimcdlucas’s reputation in Invertebratestimcdlucas’s reputation in Invertebrates

Small crab we found in Bali. Just off the Kuta Beach near some artificial breakwaters. Speckly grey/brown colour.

  • Crab (Brachyura)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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a few more details would help

I think the image is a little distant to give a certain ID but perhaps some more details of where it was found would help narrow down the possibilities. For example.....
Was this crab found intertidally on a sandy beach ? Was it on the rock of the breakwater?

Mike Kendall

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late reply

Sorry, I only just saw this. Ummmm, the crab was in a rock pool that was at the bottom of the breakwater. Shore side of the breakwater. So only revealed at low tide and the beach is sandy.

Any pointers would be excellent!