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Observed: 23rd March 2012 By: Helen Mainwood
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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IMG_9112 caterpillar 23Mar2012
IMG_9116 caterpillar 23Mar2012

Caterpillar found at base of clump of grass.

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Are the other 'yellow-underwing' moth caterpillars similar at all? or are their other similar caterpillars?

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I'll let Douglas answer that one if he doesn't mind, he's far more knowledgeable than I am.

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Yep, a large group of the

Yep, a large group of the noctuids are fairly similar to this, including but not exclusively other noctua species; lots of brown ones with black markings. Caterpillar ID is always more difficult and it always really helps if you have images from as many angles as possible.

http://www.ukleps.org/ - this is a great website for browsing caterpillar images if you want to compare any species.

But Large YU is fairly distinctive - better marked than many. If you're familar with the species it's not too tricky at all.

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Thanks for the ID and for the

Thanks for the ID and for the further comments. Website duly noted.

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Sorry but it seems I've made a slight mistake here, this caterpillar is actually that of either Six-striped Rustic or Square spot Rustic, which are identical as a caterpillar.

These can be separated by LYU in a number of ways, the clearest being the thick white line along the back, not present on LYU.

Sorry for any confusion with these; I'd totally forgot about this pair of moths! Even though I'd seen and ID'd them correctly last year!

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white lines

Looking at the pictures for matching ID's under 'other observations' it seems this has happened a fair few times!