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Nest1, nest2

Observed: 22nd March 2012 By: Liz

Tennis ball size, woven into saplings

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bird nest

I would have thought it is more likely to be a bird's nest maybe long-tailed tit,but not 100%


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Woodland nest

Thanks very much - yes it was made up of broken up moss woven thickly into the twigs. So agree, it must be nest of long-tailed tit. In very exposed position at side of track, but looks unused for some time.

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Long-tailed Tits tend to use a lot of lichen, along with moss, fibres and hair in their nest, the nest is longer(top to bottom) with the entrance 2/3 the way up the nest. Perhaps a Wrens nest.


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Long-tailed tit

This is a typical long-tailed tit nest. They build a new nest each year and when this was built I presume the bushes would have had leaves to hide it.

We had long-tailed tits nesting in our large privet hedge when I was a kid so do not seam to be bothered by passing people.

Graham Banwell

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