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Garden tree

Observed: 3rd April 2010 By: phelpsa
garden tree
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Garden tree, approx 12" high and 12" spread. One large leaf, with a small leaf 'whorled' every half an inch. Small yellow flowers appearing in late March.

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tree details

Can you post pictures of the bark and close-ups of leaves/flowers and any other features?

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Azara tree

I've added some additional pictures of the leaves and bark. Do these help narrow the identification down?

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Azara serrata

I'm a former horticulturalist of 18 years and recognise this cultivated plant.

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Hmm, it does look like an Azara, but doesn't A. serrata have rounder, more toothed leaves? Could it be a different Azara e.g. A. microphylla?