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Ichneumon query

Quite small, in the photo with the ruler it is millimeters and centimeters shown on the ruler.
I found a good number of these all very active around the plants in the hedge bottoms of a local nature reserve. They were particularly attracted to the leaves of Cuckoo Pint, but thta could be because the sun was being reflected well from the leaves. A difficult group to identify from photo's I know, but if anyone has an idea as to family ?

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This looks like a sawfly. Possibly of the genus Arge. Most of the species within the genus look quite similar to one another but I think that some of the adults can be seperated with care (and without disection).

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Tenthredinid sawfly not Arge

This is indeed a sawfly, but not a member of the Argidae which have antennae with only 3 segments. Although many argids have a black and orange-yellow colour pattern, there are sawflies in other families with similar patterns.

The antennae are simple and seem to have 9-segments which suggests Tenthredinidae: a family which includes about 80% of British sawflies. Genera with members with such colouration include: Athalia, Selandria, Monostegia. There are others as well.

Unfortunately photos of sawflies with the wings closed are awkward to place to subfamily as it is difficult to interpret the venation. There are other features which might help get a more precise ID: an apparently bicoloured stigma; black cubital vein; pale tegulae; femora orange/yellow anteriorly & black posteriorly.