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Meadow pipit

Observed: 24th March 2012 By: pen-y-bont_mikepen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Birdspen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Birdspen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Birds
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Meadow Pipit

Hi Mike.
If you watch Skylarks, they start singing as they leave the ground, and ascend to quite a height; then they descend again, still singing. As soon as they reach the ground, they stop again. As this fellow's singing on the ground, it's unlikely to be a skylark. In addition, I can see no sign of a crest.

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Meadow pipits have a peep

Meadow pipits have a peep peep peep call
Skylarks have a long shweep call
Skylarks have white outer tail feathers that show well in flight.

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Meadow pipits

Thanks for both comments.

I struggle with song and music in general.I don't hear very well and am tone deaf. I have been known to identify a bird song by actually watching one singing and 30 mins later completly fail to recognise the species from song alone! I didn't even hear that this one was singing despite being only 8-10m away!

I see quite a lot of both these species and Skylark is one of only a handful of birds I can instantly id from song. I have also heard them singing from a perched position on or near the ground once or twice. I have also seen positively id'd Skylarks showing no sign of the crest.

I was also aware of the white outer tail details but interestingly someone has used a clear indication of this feature on the other possible lark/pipit observation I posted today as a pointer to Meadow pipit.