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Red Goosegrass

Observed: 26th March 2012 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in Plants

Red leaved Goose-grass growing on a very mossy limestone wall between a road and farmland.
Is the red just something to do with nutrients or is there really a red form of this?
Photos taken with and without flash due to shade.

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Red Galium

Good question - I've always thought it might be due to the plant having come through the winter. Similar thing with the leaves of brambles turning red?

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In the local limestone the iron and magnesium content varies wildly from one bit to the next. From high ground around the local quarry you can see how the owner is carefully dismantling the layers of rock.
There were other green specimens on the same wall.