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Not known plant

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Tunstall Reservoir 015

Clinging to a rock, a plant with a cluster of closely packed rosettes of leaves about 2.5cm high each with a red/brown stalk tipped with a brown sheath from which a tiny cream coloured flower erupts.

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Species with which Wall Screw-moss (Tortula muralis) interacts


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Could this be Wall Screw-Moss too?

Thanks; much appreciated. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would try an ID.

I have added 2 more images, albeit from a different location. Could these be Wall Screw-Moss too?


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Unfortunately mosses tend to be that bit more difficult from a picture with some being so similar.

I will try to have a go if i see one on here but it's often difficult to id with confidence.

The other two images look to be the same species to me.

The British Bryological Society has recently published a new field guide with a good key and species descriptions, the pages of which are available as pdf for free, just Google BBS and the species name and it should bring up the page for download, very useful for having a go and confirming suspected IDs