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Under a white dead nettle

Observed: 26th March 2012 By: wildflowerjowildflowerjo’s reputation in Invertebrates

Hi there everyone! I found this caterpillar under a white dead nettle in my garden. I run a gardening club at a primary school and wonder if this would be a good one to grow on and show the children? Also, do you know what it's foodplant is please?

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Again this species is

Again this species is polyphagous. Hard to know what sort of plants are about but it shouldn't take long to find something for it. Most of the smaller 'weeds' right up to some tree species should be fine. Although it may not accept everything that the species has been recorded on the past. Sometimes once a moth has started on a certain plant it won't like to try something new. Trial and error is the best method here.

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