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Polychaete egg masses

Observed: 24th March 2012 By: rluxmoore
polychaete eggs

Many gelatinous egg masses on sandy shore at low tide. Each mass contains about 40 small (1mm) segmented organisms which appear to be polychaetes.

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not very green

the thing about E viridis is it's very green; so I reckon it's a sand dwelling relative (ie polchaete worm) (I've found such tethered to the sand)

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.. unlikely to be green leaf worm as already mentioned they are green not brown. Still think you're probably on the right track though. Will have a little research myself.

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The Paddle Worm Phyllodoce maculata might be a candidate.
These little blobs are precisely the right size.
Here - http://eol.org/pages/459154/overview - read the text
http://eol.org/pages/459154/overview for a look at 'netted' egg mass.
Go to mine http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/324203
and look at the form and much bigger size (Eulalia viridis - hopefully)
This is the searchable site I use for such information but there is no mention of egg masses in this case.

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hold on there,Dejay,that EOL

hold on there,Dejay,that EOL site describes the phyllodoce egg masses as bottle green.

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ignoring the rule

You know, I saw them as pale green, carelessly ignoring the "smaller, browner and more...".
I had seen pictures of very pale ones and even here http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/20468 shown covered with sediment, (even though it's Eulalia viridis).
My proposal may be flawed then Richard..
I'm holding on Chris..thanks.

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...phyllodoce worm is likely this colour as they can blend to look like the sand and anchored there - I wouldn't want to go beyond a phyllodoce polychaete worm until I had seen the end result.

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I'd stick at the paddleworm

I'd stick at the paddleworm family, Phyllodocidae

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i agree..

...my conclusion too.

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Richard - a lovely first post, I do hope you see the value of such things, specially with a 'stab' at ID yourself.
Your Title, photo and description - all excellent.
I think the Know-team above (NOT me) are suggesting you change the ID to, say - Paddleworm egg capsules (Phyllodocidae)
you'd be safe using the word cocoon too.
Here's a link
there are dozens of sub-links there, should you want to go further.
ð (Orkney)