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Observed: 25th March 2012 By: rockwolfrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebrates

Was kneeling in grass in a nature reserve to photograph a ground beetle. Spotted this insect so turned my attentions to it!
Know nothing of the Strepsiptera, but know this is a male, as it is winged; any clues as to species and which insect it parasitises would be great! I'm assuming it would be Hymenoptera.

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Looked for them but have

Looked for them but have never seen one. Good observation!

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Stylops Hosts

I've seen several Andrena carantonica (A. scotica) bees parasitised with Stylops in the last few weeks. Never seen an emerged male. Very jealous!


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Male Stylops

Male Stylops are short-lived so it's very unusual to see one. I would assume this is Stylops melittae, parasitising Andrena and other mining bees. There used to be umpteen host-specific species in the genus Stylops but current opinion reduces them all to one.

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Thank you....

..all very much for taking the time to comment!

Thanks for the info Ian, this would make sense as there were plenty of Andrena about!