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Lichen ag

Observed: 25th March 2012 By: pf339
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Lichen ag

Lichen (ag) Orange crustose lichen on rock just above high tide mark. Dark orange apothecia with lighter orange surrounds. Thallus appears as lobes in places especially at outer edges of the lichen disc. Possibly Caloplaca marina.


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It looks orange to me.

"The colour of the thallus in C. maritima is always yellow and in all the studied specimens of C. marina orange to yellow-orange"
"However, C. marina is a variable species that also may have a yellowish thallus and light orange apothecia, but this is mostly the case when it grows in shaded situations."



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To me, this is very typical C. marina.

It is too orange for C. maritima, and more importantly it lacks the waxy areoles of that species. There is more to separate the species than just colour!


N.B. It is iSpot tradition that the first poster of an orange Caloplaca has to name it as Xanthoria. Naughty!
(Unless, of course, the orange lichen IS Xanthoria, in which case the first poster will post it as "unknown lichen", having taken no notice whatever of the 100 previous postings of Xanthoria that week.)
Or am I getting (more) cynical?

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Very naughty!

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C. marina

Thanks to all who have considered this observation. Much appreciated.