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Observed: 24th March 2012 By: Tejal

I have found a few of these in my home in the last few months , average size is approx the size ot Large Adult palm ,dark brown in color , my property has a mature garden so assuming they breed in there , i need to know if they are dangerous ( spider bites ) possible treatment if bitten and how do i get rid of them ...?

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Help , urgently required RE :

Help , urgently required RE : Identification of the attached spider pic

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I have just realised that you are from South Africa, is this sighting from that country. If it is you had better post it on a local South African site and get an expert opinion. I wrongly assumed you were from the UK. It looks like our house spiders but you had better check it out.

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Dont worry about the spiders. Just catch them in a jar or glass (with a cardboard to slip under) and gently release them outside - dont throw them: their "safety rope" will bring them back to your hand.