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Red Squirrel

Observed: 9th February 2010 By: Stormpetrel

Red Squirrel, photographed during the 2010 winter in Hokkaido, Japan. You can see these on the ISle of White, the Lake District and Scotland amongst other places. Notice the tufty ears and curled up tail like the Red Squirrels seen in Britain, but note the East Asian species are not red.

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Bit confused by this, is the

Bit confused by this, is the photo from Japan, in which case it would be best to give that location (the map does go as far as Japan if you zoom out and move around) as it could be a different species or variety. You can always put a separate record for the IOW versions.

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Red Squirrels can also be

Red Squirrels can also be found (in the wild) in Co. Antrim Northern Ireland - I regularly see them in Cushendun!

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Japanese squirrel

This is the Japanese squirrel (Sciurus lis). Note the paler, less red colour; the ears are more fluffy than tufted; otherwise very similar.

As Mike says if you want to change the location to Japan and the identification to Japanese squirrel then we can agree to the identification.

Graham Banwell

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