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Are these Dun Sentinel Snails?

Observed: 24th March 2012 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in InvertebratesJoe30’s reputation in Invertebrates

Small snails, 3-5mm in length found just past the high tide mark of the Humber estuary, in between areas of reed, sea aster and damp grass. Hope someone can help as I can't find much info on these. Thanks.

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You could start from here

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I have had a look on the link and the ones on there seem different colour to the ones I've seen - are they that variable?

Are they quite common or just under-recorded or something as there isn't that much on the net regarding this species in England.


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I think yours are just muddy

The standard work might be

According to Fretter and Graham it has a limited distribution see p. 583.

Request for photo

A full literature search is needed, but possibly this species has not been studied much as far as its behavior and ecology are concerned.