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Water Rail

Observed: 8th March 2012 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in Birds
Water Rail 1
Water Rail 2

This bird was skulking through some brambles close to a marshy area but eventually came out onto the marsh and gave excellent views.

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Nice shot Peter, I've only ever managed a quick glimpse of one, as you say a secretive bird.

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So often referred to in books as a "Skulking crake." How often do you hear that word except in reference to Water Rails? Why is that? It's a GREAT word!

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Grasshopper Warblers are good for a bit of a skulk and Jack Snipe are highly accomplished skulkers, too. I've known one or two birders who had a leaning towards it, too...


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Skulking Jack Snipe

You have hit on one of my bogey birds when you mention Jack Snipe - looked for them a number of times at various places but they are just too - Skulking.