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Another gruesome find! Any idea's?

Observed: 22nd March 2012 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Birds
Another gruesome find! Any idea's?
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Why do I keep finding carcasses!? This one is particularly interesting. Why is it hanging from a tree like this? Has someone put it there? If this is a Moorhen, it is in a location where I have never seen one anywhere near here.

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Bit of a long shot but if you have any shoots around your area it may have fallen into the tree after being shot then eaten by crows ect.I have found the odd on in tree's were I live and they shoot them here too.I could also be completely wrong.


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I think that's right -

Another point is that cock pheasants almost always call before flying up into a tree to roost. This is a bit of a giveaway for shooters, and in this case the person may not have had the opportunity to collect the bird.

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I found one

The one i found appeared to rot and dry out without the local Jackdaws eating any of it.

The dead tree it was in eventually dropped a branch so that it fell to the ground.