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Thrush with red cap (4 pics)

Observed: 22nd March 2012 By: stephenmidstephenmid’s reputation in Birdsstephenmid’s reputation in Birdsstephenmid’s reputation in Birds

This thrush appears to have a red cap. I thought it was a song thrush until I looked more carefully at the pictures (2 of the pictures seem to show this). Now I am puzzled.

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Perhaps someone has marked

Perhaps someone has marked it, though it is a rather crude way of doing so.

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If you look at image 1 there are pieces of red colouring dotted around the bird, on the belly, wing tip and tail in particular.

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just noticed too..

red on trees as well - and was also going to suggest a lighting effect.

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red marks

This is chromatic aberration, an optical effect caused by the different wavelengths (colours) of light being split in the camera lens. I'm not sure what causes it but it always happens on the edge of highly contrasting parts of the image.

Bob Ford

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Thanks David

Thanks Bob, that's cleared that up.

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ID and redness

Thanks all for your help. I think that Bob Ford must be right. I've heard of chromatic aberration, but never noticed it before. The camera isn't top notch!