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Land Hopper

Observed: 21st March 2012 By: Eskling2Eskling2’s reputation in InvertebratesEskling2’s reputation in InvertebratesEskling2’s reputation in Invertebrates

A bit like the sand hoppers you see on beaches and seaweed, only dark red/brown and inland! Only noticed them recently but seem to be under every pot! Got ID from googling them. Common names include land hopper, wood hopper, lawn shrimp.

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They are very common in

They are very common in Bristol and Swansea and probably everywhere else, but rarely recorded it seems. Not sure why the NBN map link doesn't show with your id.

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NBN Link

That is strange. I wonder if it is something to do with the number of common names I put in. I will add a revised ID with only one common name (Lawn Shrimp) and see what happens!

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Looks like that didn't work!

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Arcitalitrus on Scilly

They've been known on the Isles of Scilly perhaps longer than anywhere in the UK - the specific name relates to the tenants of Tresco where they're assumed to have introduced with plants from New Zealand into the famous 'subtropical' gardens there.