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Observed: 19th March 2012 By: bhstanley

What is this bird? Feeds with sparrows and reed bunting at garden feeder.

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what is this bird?

what is this bird?

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Thanks, but should it have a

Thanks, but should it have a brown head if it's a reed bunting?

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Spring males have a black head with the striking white moustache. However, when they moult in the autumn the new feathers are black, but they have a brown tip and so the head looks that brown colour. As the winter passes, those brown tips gradually wear away to reveal the fresh black head of spring at just the right time. This bird appears most of the way towards his spring finery, but still has a few brown tips to wear away, yet.


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second thought's

I had put hedge sparrow down as an alternate id but have been looking in my bird books and Reed buntings heads are only black when in there breeding plumage and brown at other times,so I apologise Mark at Magdalen that will teach me to read the book first before putting an id on.


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Reed Bunting

It's definitely a Reed Bunting.