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Possibly a Holly?

Observed: 21st March 2011 By: Wild RoseWild Rose’s reputation in PlantsWild Rose’s reputation in Plants
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Found on an earth/stone hedgebank beside a watercourse. Pretty well shaded, growing beside a lot of ivy! Very distinctive leaf shap (almost shield shaped), with only three spikey bits, the leaves are growing mostly in three, but also groups of four and nearer the tip, two leaves. Flowers an orangy yellow, flower stems a very distinctive fusia pink. Could not find this in a couple of key books. Found similar but nothing exactly the same. I have a specimen in a glass with a small amount of water so can probably answer questions/look at other details I might have missed on initial inspection.
If it helps, other plants in the area are flowering early this year.
I'm very curious to find out what this is!

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Berberis darwinii

The shrub was found by Charles Darwin, while on his voyage on the Beagle.