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ID of seashore life....

It seems quite difficult to get ID responses to the seashore life. I guess as a coastal warden here in Kent, I was hoping that verification on this site would be easy. Maybe people feel uncomfortable with seaweeds and the seashore vertebrate IDs?

(To be fair my garden plant escapees have been quick to be IDed).



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marine observations

One difficulty with marine observations is that people with an interest in marine organisms often specialise in a wide range of species in that habitat, rather than focusing on particular taxonomic groups as is more frequent with terrestrial species. So on iSpot it can be tricky for the relevant experts to find marine observations. We intend to provide some additional search facilities later this year to help with this, but in the meantime it is possible to see a wide range of marine wildlife by using the habitat tags.

These tags are not very easy to access on iSpot at the moment, but they are all grouped together on this page:

and by looking at the Marine and Coastal tags you can see most of the marine observations grouped together.

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Habitats link

Thanks for providing the link to the habitats,