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Unknown spider

Observed: 19th March 2012 By: Peter PearsonPeter Pearson’s reputation in InvertebratesPeter Pearson’s reputation in InvertebratesPeter Pearson’s reputation in InvertebratesPeter Pearson’s reputation in Invertebrates
unknown spider 1
unknown spider rear
Unknown spider twisted sunning

Found sunning it's self on our garden fence.
A very dark brown specimen with an 'L' shaped row of creamy white spot down either side of the abdomen. The abdomen was large and spherical

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Thanks Alan

I think you are right.
The only thing is that this is a very plump spider, not flattened and described as coming out at night. This one is sunning all day out in the open. The description does say that it has a leathery skin for which I can vouch, having tickled it with my finger to get it to turn into suiteable position to photograph. What I didn't know then was that it capable of causing humans problems with its bite. Lucky me, I'll be more care next time I see it.

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Hi Malyon

Yes, it is a plump specimen but in the end / side views I think the abdomen has a more flattened appearance than in, say, Araneus diadematus. Recently I've seen a couple out during the day too. That may be because they're hungry having survived the winter without any food. So, they have to take whatever comes, when it comes.
In the past I've handled them, without mishap. But, yes, now read that they have a nasty bite!

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As they are a night spider, I went out with a torch last night and low and behold we had 3 females and 4 males all with webs. Never seen them before the one in the photo.