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Noticed first blooms of the year today. Last year I enjoyed watching a pair of Bullfinches feasting on the seedheads. A much underrated plant I think. Aren't we supposed to be able to eat it in salads too?

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The young leaves are nice in salad's you can grow a few in the garden and cover them with a pot to force it and get lovely fresh new leaves.I have also made wine with the flower heads which is very nice.


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Dandelion salad

Thank you. Is there any part of the plant that can't be eaten? Are the older leaves a bit strong?

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You can dry the roots in the bottom of the oven slowly and they can be ground and used as a coffee substitute but that is an acquired taste.The old leaves are quite bitter so young is best or you can steam the leaves like spinach ,there is nothing you cannot eat the whole plant is edible.


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not the coffee!!

as said before - don't do it - tastes like mud and the taste lingers for days.

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A word of warning-

Whilst very tasty (and makes excellent wine), the old name is "Piss-a-Beds", with good reason. It contains a fairly strong diuretic. Harmless, but possibly inconvenient.