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Observed: 18th March 2012 By: valiantveggievaliantveggie’s reputation in Birds

I'm assuming that these are pigeons but its just that looked quite healthy for feral pigeons? Could they be wood pigeons or some other species?

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Feral Pigeon

In case the name Rock Pigeon confuses you, that is just Feral Pigeon! You were right, then. Interesting you talk of them appearing 'healthy' you seem to live in the city, do you see a lot which are unhealthy, fluffed up and not moving much or something like that?


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we do see a lot that look

we do see a lot that look dirty, greasy, thin, unkempt and one-footed, so easily form an impression that the average feral pigeon is a generally sickly bird; and one with bright or clean-looking colours does stand out

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Feral Pigeon

Thanks for enlightening me, Ophrys. As Jeremy says(in his comment)most city pigeons do seem to look really unhealthy and sickly (maybe its all those discarded big macs and kebabs they eat!) Still, good health or not, it doesn't seem to stop the peregrine feeding on them in Manchester city centre!