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Snail Conference

Observed: 18th March 2012 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in Invertebrates
Garden Snail Helix aspersa
Garden Snail Helix aspersa 3

On the leaning, north-western side of a young ash. My references call it (or what I think it is) "Helix aspersum": iSpot begs to differ.

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Helix aspersa is an old (but

Helix aspersa is an old (but still correct) name. Cornu aspersum is the currently accepted name. Use either, but 'Get recommended' will return the latter.



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One of your earliest posts - quite an unusual gathering, in the open and so exposed position.
A rout, walk or escargatoire of snails. Gardeners call it a crunch.

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Thank you -

I particularly like "Crunch": it reminds me of trips to the outside toilet in the late evenings, in my childhood. You couldn't see them on the path...

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Good old days?

I used that very toilet at my Grans..way down the garden. I do not remember using a pottie when I stayed there, how did we manage? It was in a terrace of houses, with back to back stinks. There were two bedrooms, one housing four brothers and two sisters - six then sharing a downstairs open cold water basin in the 'kitchen' next to the 'modern' Gas cooker.