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Is this Cherry Plum?

Observed: 18th March 2012 By: leaves 'n bloomleaves 'n bloom’s reputation in Plants
Is this Cherry Plum?

Small white flowers on branches where only a few leaves are starting to emerge. It's the first of the wild blossom to appear each year here in Perthshire. There are no thorns on the branches and our hedgerows are full of this plant though it has multiple stems due to the farmers cutting the hedgerows each year.

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cherry plum ID

Thanks Refugee - I've noticed while checking other ID's on ispot that some take a note of the bark and whether it is shiney or not and when it isn't they ID it as Prunus domestica instead.

I have pictures from last August of red fruits hanging from a few of these bushes and while out walking this morning I heard that one neighbour picks these for making chutney each year.........though I've never seen them in huge numbers.

Gardening naturally down by a Scottish Lade.

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The ID

I have given the ID that covers the ones with yellow and purple fruit as well. In my area there are a number of hedgerows that have been planted with Prunus and they have fruits that are Yellow, red, purple and red/green mottled. They make jam, chutney, and can be put into gin using a sloe gin recipe.
I put photos of the fruit on last year and now have some of the blossom for this year.
I will give the links when i do it in the next couple of days. The Blackthorn is still in bud and will be with us in a few more days.


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I question why the id includes var. pissardii. 'Pissardii' is a cultivar where the leaves are purple whereas the young leaves in the photo are clearly green. It is also more likely to be planted in gardens than seen wild or semi-wild.