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A large unidentified bug my wife found in the sink. Can anyone identify it?

Observed: 24th April 2009 By: seventiesandy

approx 50mm long and flattened itself when she tried to take it out. When it did this it looked very much like a leaf.

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Your beetly thing

This is the juvenile stage of the common carpet beetle. It is very flat, and usually of a brown and dusty appearance. I am not sure how a water scorpion could find its way into your sink, unless you have a direct cold water supply pumped to your tap from a pond or stream, or you have been washing watercress!!

Nigel Perry

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Beetly thing

Thanks for replying but I think the other Id is right. We live on a canal boat and the outflow from the sink goes straight into the water.
I have looked up the water scorpion and the carpet beetle and I'm sure of the first identification.