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Large Lichen?

Observed: 11th March 2012 By: LVS77LVS77’s reputation in Fungi and LichensLVS77’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Walking pole and lichen

Lots of this seen on beach edge of pinewoods at Holkham


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Cladonia ciliata

That explains a lot. I thought something wasn't quite right, and hesitated for a long time because the branches were 'combed' in one direction.


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This has reminded me

I am about (I think) to do a Cladonia update on my website, and one thing I need to do is to add more photographs of C. ciliata. I keep forgetting that what is on the site is okay for the woodland form of it, but I have a lot more photographs of it now - both colour forms and also with apothecia. So page revision to come. Several other species to add.