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DSC00636 Common Frog

Observed: 21st August 2010 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
DSC00636 Common Frog
DSC00643 Common frog

Two different individuals from same forest, same day - see comments

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'Brown' Frogs

I think it is a common frog. The moor frog Rana arvalis also occurs in this part of the world but it has relatively longer legs and a more pointed snout.

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Brown patch behind eye over ear area suggested Common to me

unless moor frog has same marking? You can see this feature if you view full screen, and in other photos I have of nearby frogs.

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Moor frogs and common frogs

Moor frogs and common frogs look very similar indeed, both do have this brown patch behind the eye. If you have photos of others from the area it would be interesting to see them, both species are found in similar habitat types.

See this link for a picture of a moor frog.

You can see the pointier snout and shorter legs compared to the frog in your photo.

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I see what you mean

I've added the only other individual of which I have a good pic from that day

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Thanks for the picture, I

Thanks for the picture, I would say that looks like a common frog too, due to the relatively long legs.