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Doorway bug

Observed: 8th March 2011 By: RoseJonesRoseJones’s reputation in Invertebrates
doorway bug: what is it?

Seen on a wet March day in a village in the Malaga Sierra. About 2cm long

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Bristle-tails (Machilidae)

Others may be interested to know...the key by Delaney (for British spp) can now be found online.

Its also been revised by Matt Prince through his website here...

Regards Chris

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It is a thysanuran, but not

It is a thysanuran, but not the silverfish Lepisma saccharina.

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Jumping Bristletail

I've got it, and it's not Thysanuran now. The encyclopedia shows Petrobius Brevistylis Carpenter, a species of JUMPING BRISTLETAIL, which was previously grouped with the silverfish Thysanuran but is now given the separate order Microcorphia (family Machilidae). Makes sense as I have seen them use their tails as a spring to jump. Thanks for all your help.