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Is this a Drone Fly

Observed: 16th March 2012 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in InvertebratesJoe30’s reputation in Invertebrates

About 2-3cm in length and flew like a bee. Please can someone help ID it. Thanks.

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Tachina spp.

I really don't think this is T. fera which I know well; it varies quite a bit, but not I've never seen transverse abdominal stripes on it - and it usually has a clear central longitudinal black stripe with orange either side) and I don't know of a UK species that could be confused for T. ursina - but maybe there's one I'm unaware of. has useful photo galleries of species pics confirmed by experts. eg for T.fera for T. ursina

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This is definitely T. ursina, which is a very early species. It usually appears on heathland near me this week, each year, but I have not had the chance to go and check, yet.

A possible confusion species is probably T. lurida (also quite an early species), more than T.fera.


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Tachina sp

In the UK, Tachina is a fairly easy genus to id. With good photos Tachina grossa, T.fera, T.ursina and Tachina lurida can all be identified with confidence, no need for a look at the genetalia. Splitting T.ursina and T.lurida is the most problematic, but with a good photo it can be done.

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