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Observed: 16th March 2012 By: Bill HendersonBill Henderson’s reputation in BirdsBill Henderson’s reputation in BirdsBill Henderson’s reputation in BirdsBill Henderson’s reputation in Birds

On nyger feeder at Loch of the Lowes. The second bird with a yellow cap worries me a little. However, I'm basing the ID on the first bird although I believe that the second is a female of the same species. There were other females with red caps there as well.

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Red "poll"

While most do have a red patch on the "poll" (the top of the head), you do see some where this is yellow, orange, or occasionally completely absent.

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The bird on the right maybe

The bird on the right maybe an elderly female. I'm sure the bird ringers out there will have an explanation.

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I don't think the odd colour is necessarily age-related; as Roy says, these are seen occasionally and can be any age, as I understand. I have never caught one myself, at least not one that pale at all. The bird on the left, on the other hand, may well be an older male, with that much colour on the breast and head.


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Yellow Colour

Thanks to all for your helpful comments. Since (because of) joining this group I have become more confident. Thanks.


Bill Henderson

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Lovely to hear that Bill,

Lovely to hear that Bill, great photos by the way

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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Lesser Redpoll

Very Nice shots Bill Happy snapping and keep em coming

Best Wishes


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Thanks both. I should have said confidence in identifying birds.

Thanks for the kind comments re the photos. Very much appreciated.


Bill Henderson

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Comments about the use of iSpot in helping people improve their ID skills are very important in helping iSpot bid for further funding to keep going.

You might therefore want to consider dropping a line about this to the iSpot team using

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re iSpot

I would be glad to and will send in something in the next day or two.


Bill Henderson

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re iSpot


I have sent in a note praising "Spotter's Board" as you suggested. However,I'm not keen on reproducing it here. A bit like having your school essay marked :-)


Bill Henderson